RE-ELECT JOANIE CLAUSEN Golden Valley City Council                                        NOVEMBER 5
         November 8th


                     Registering on Election Day

     You can register to vote on election day at                  your precinct voting site by bringing one of the            following documents to verify your                              current address:
     • Valid Minnesota driver's license or permit
     • Valid Minnesota identification card or receipt
     • Photo ID with a student fee statement
                                                  • A current utility bill, plus a photo identification                                                       card
                                                  • You may also have a registered voter in your                                                           precinct confirm your residence.

Where to Vote - Precinct Locations

Precinct 1 - NE Fire Station, 3700 Golden Valley Road
Precinct 2 - Valley Presbyterian Church, 3100 North Lilac Drive
Precinct 3 - Meadowbrook School, 5430 Glenwood Avenue
Precinct 4 - LOGIS, 5750 Duluth Street
Precinct 5 - SE Fire Station, 400 Turners Crossroad South
Precinct 6 - Golden Valley City Hall, 7800 Golden Valley Road
Precinct 7 - Sandburg School, 2400 Sandburg Lane *NEW LOCATION
Precinct 8 - Brookview Community Center, 200 Brookview Parkway

Absentee Voting

Absentee voting is available for those who cannot get to their polling place on Election Day or want to vote early. Absentee voting will begin September 20th.
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