RE-ELECT JOANIE CLAUSEN Golden Valley City Council                                        NOVEMBER 3
         November 8th


Today, we are faced with many different challenges. Challenges that affect us personally, and challenges that are felt by our city. City government makes decisions that affect us every day. Decisions about our safety, how we spend money, and the look and livability of our neighborhoods. Golden Valley needs to be responsive and accountable to the community. Accountability of services is extremely important to the taxpayers, and how we are perceived by others.

Golden Valley deserves strong, balanced leadership, where different points of view, open dialogue, and common sense are encouraged. Today, it is more important than ever, that Golden Valley is fiscally responsible and does not burden its citizens with unnecessary expenses.

The city will continue to work on the Blue Line Extension to ensure the best possible results for Golden Valley. Along with the LRT, Golden Valley must continue to explore new and better transportation options. 

Challenging decisions are upon us, including investment in a flexible and prudent plan for Brookview Community Center. Looking ahead, it is important we continue to improve our infrastructure and maintain the character of our city.

September 9th, we will be welcoming our new city manager, Tim Cruikshank!

During the past four years, so much has been accomplished. A few of those accomplishments are: We maintained individual choice of trash haulers, initiated a study of how property subdivisions effect our community and what residents want our community to look like in the future, revitalized several playgrounds, approved 7 housing developments, created a new emergency back-up water supply, saved the city 142,000 by joining the Hennepin County 911 Dispatch, built a new Lawn Bowling play area, and became a Beyond The Yellow Ribbon Community which supports our military families.


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